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Why Choose AmpNode?

  • AmpNode is quality, PERIOD! AmpNode will not work with low-quality service providers. We will not work with old, outdated,

    or scrap metal hardware. We tailor our customers' needs with everything we do. Unlike other providers, we know and acknowledge

    that it's the customers that make this all possible and we strive for optimal performance and support 100% of the time.

How do I create an account?

  • You may choose which product you would like to purchase and as you proceed through checkout you will be prompted to create

    your account and finalize your purchase.

How do I cancel an order?

  • If you have not finalized your order (not yet created an invoice), you can simply close your open browser tab. If you have finalized your order but have realized you cannot pay at the last minute, you may open a support ticket and inform us you'd like your invoice to be canceled (please provide your invoice number to assist you easier).

How do I track an order?

  • After you place your order and fully process your payment, you will receive a notification that your payment is completed. Then the next email you receive will include your server details. Delivery time is an average of 24-72 hours depending on which service is ordered.

How do I login to my control panel?

  • After you sign up, you will be directed to the client panel. This page/link is your client area and you can then see your personal services listed there. You may click and view the details of that service.

I have forgotten my password.

  • You may visit the client panel to reset your password or you may open a ticket or email admin/support to manually reset.

Is there an alternative contact other than support ticket, such as presales?

  • You may contact via the AmpNode email which is checked often. Support ticket is recommended and preferred. Thank you.

How does the AmpNode Reseller plan work?

  • The reseller plan is always evolving. However, at this time, it is based on volume of sales as an individual. You can sign up as a company or as an individual with AmpNode. You may view the reseller page for the tiers of discount promotions.

    AmpNode also offers the opportunity of marketplace opportunities. If you're a hosting provider or any kind, you may present your product to AmpNode and have it sold here upon full verification of your product sales, quality, and longevity of the product. What does that mean? If you are simply a reseller of a reseller and are looking to make a buck for a month, we don't wish to do business with you. However, if you've been selling your products for awhile and can verify that and would like to expand your sales, and have your product offered on AmpNode, you accept full liability of any and all issues including refunds and quality of service. We do not take amateur proposals lightly, however, we are happy to accept professionals who are sincere and honest and looking to expand their own business.

Do I have to pass verificaion to be a reseller?

  • Please read the above FAQ. If you're interestd in the marketplace, yes, verification is required and inspected carefully before accepting business.

    If you're looking to simply purchase and be able to use and/or sell AmpNode products, then there is no verification required: just enjoy being a high quality customer making good money.

How fast is my VPS going to be? What is the port speed?

  • ALL VPS and Dedicated Servers have their port and network listed on the sales page. Please refer to the sales page and your order form for confirmation of the port speed of your particular server.

I paid for 1Gbps and my VPS is not giving me 1Gbps, why not?

  • Please see above FAQ. 1Gbps network does not mean that you have a dedicated 1Gbps port. VPS are not the equivalent of a dedicated server. The VPS share the total network and each VPS must be within the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times.

It seems like my port was limited, why?

  • Please see the above FAQ. If you were found to be outside the AUP for the VPS and were found to be abusive to the network, then you may experience a temporary or permanent port limitation to reduce the problems on the network. You will know if your server was temporary or permanent simply by waiting 12-24 hours and checking your port again. All limitations that are temporary will be resolved by then. Please follow the rules and policies in place that provide an optimal experience for each and every individual. We strive to provide a balanced experience for everyone.

I ordered a couple of days ago but did not receive my server, is this normal?

  • Yes, this is normal and is not an issue. VPS are always in high demand because of quality and price-point. We must setup new nodes to be able to deliver new VPS orders. As long as your order continues to remain as "Pending" on our website, your order will always be reminding us that we have to deliver it and will be delivered in due time. Patience is a virtue some times.

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