about us
About AmpNode
AmpNode was established out of necessity to the ever-expanding customer base requiring hosting with spoofing.

We have data centers around the globe to house our hardware. We work with primary ISPs such as Cogent and Hurricane Electric and others to always provide the highest quality network lines for our customers. We started very small with low-capacity VPS and grew quickly due to high demand. Our work never ends because your work never ends. Spoofing is often frowned upon because of the potential of hazard that goes along with it. However, we believe spoofing gives customers privacy and security that cannot be found with other providers.

Why AmpNode?
Infrastructure Our network backbone provides the opportunity for dedicated ports and therefore high volume traffic and high PPS when needed.
Innovation We take great pride in our ever-expanding private networks. Our sales are always reinvested in our network growth and new high performance hardware.
Support No one does it better, period! Our level of support cannot be matched. We care about our services and we care about our customers and we work overtime to prove it!
Our Amazing Team
AmpNode's team of dedicated technicians and support agents provide an unrivaled experience for our customers.
AmpNode Admin
CEO / Founder
Your service and support provider.
The AmpNode CEO is always the lead support advisor and direct responder. He also is first on-site to resolve issues directly with hardware and networking.
Coding and script development.
Charles is our go-to for custom scripting and new methodologies. He is also lead researcher.
Research and Support
Part-time with AmpNode and providing excellence in our support department and assisting research development.
GFX Design
Designing and allocating ads as well as forum and public advertisement.
Our History
AmpNode was started on a simple concept that proved difficult to find anywhere else and has thrived because of customers like you.
February 15th 2007

AmpNode is Born

AmpNode was born out of a strong necessity for spoofing a VPN server to play games online and stay completely safe from becoming a victim of malicious other gamers.
Late December 2010

High Quality Hosting

AmpNode is asked to partner with one of the biggest hosting companies in the USA and truly private port dedicated servers are launched.
March 10th 2011

Local is Better

Local data centers contact AmpNode for private hosting solutions not offered to any other customers or companies and AmpNode's product availability and scalability grow.
June 10th 2017

The legacy

Hosts around the world cease spoofing on their routers out of fear and simple ignorance of prevention. AmpNode maintains it's private spoofing nework and stands alone as the best and primary provider!